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How does it work?

Whenever you paste a link or text, our system automatically generates a unique, short URL consisting of the "" domain followed by a random string of characters. Along with every created link, a QR code is automatically generated, allowing for quick sharing and scanning of the link using different devices. With the options of "Password protection" and "Delete after open," you can ensure that your data remains confidential and is viewed only by the intended recipients. This way, your data is always at hand, and with shortened links, it's easier to share with others. - All your links in one place. is a modern tool designed for anyone looking to shorten links or store important information quickly and securely. Our platform combines the functionality of shortening links with the ability to save pasted texts, generating unique URLs made up of our domain name followed by a random string of characters.

Features without registration:
  • Link Shortening: Convert long and complicated URLs into short and easily memorable ones. A special feature allows for shortening links specifically designed for social media platforms, making content sharing on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter even easier.
  • Message Storing: Paste any text and save it under a unique URL, creating your own online notes accessible at any moment.
  • Password Protection: Safeguard your shortened links or stored information with a secure password, ensuring that only those with the password can access the content.
  • One-time link: Add an extra layer of security by setting your content to be automatically deleted after being accessed once, making it perfect for one-time, sensitive information sharing.
  • Automatic QR Code Generation: For every created link or saved note, the system automatically generates a QR code, facilitating easy sharing and scanning of the link through other devices.

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